Signage in Iran and the world

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Signage in Iran and the world

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Signage in Iran and the world
Billboarding is one of the oldest and most popular advertising methods dating back to ancient times. The Egyptians first started advertising by designing the jars, and then the advertising industry began to grow through the printing industry introduced by German Gutenberg. As the population grew and businesses expanded and moved towards the industrialized world and the modernity of all businesses, they saw tremendous changes. With the invention of the printing presses and the movement of the world towards the industrialization of business owners, including shopkeepers and restaurants, they created billboards that made them publicly available and thus became popular with people. The emergence of a new evolutionary lithography industry in the world of signposting took a major step forward in making billboards and making the panels more beautiful and modern.

Advertising was made in Iran in the forties through the creation of billboards and business owners were supposed to somehow make people aware of their type of business, so they advertised their advertisements in various ways on materials such as wood, cloth, paper, and so on. The stone was carved and made public.

Billboard Growth:
Glass, wood, paper and calligraphy

Neon glass panel

Neon Plastic Panel

Metal bold

Chelium bold

Composite Panel

ThermoWood Panel

The Role of Signposting in Environmental Advertising:
Signposting plays an important role in environmental advertising and can have a huge impact on attracting customers and selling goods and services. Initially, the boards were neon and flexi boards, followed by the introduction of advanced devices such as laser cutting machines to allow letters to be plexiglassed in a short period of time. Due to the high power consumption of neon lamps and breaking them down, the field of low-power and beautiful billboards was created and design software made it possible to build two-dimensional and three-dimensional boards and boards such as Chelinum boards, steel boards, Neon plastic boards, thermos boards, composite boards, lightbox boards, and so on.

Advertising has been in the commercial industry for several years in Iran. And about 80% of business owners want a good billboard, so people are looking for a space to buy and satisfy their needs that in addition to having a good quality stylish and modern look and the first thing to choose a client for the billboard. It is advertising.
Currently, letter cutting is done in the signboard industry by external devices. Although these machines have a very clean and precise cutting edge, one drawback is that these machines are designed based on their own country letters and make it difficult for some of the Persian characters to cut the letters. To solve this problem, we need high-powered, hands-on artist's hands who, through their experience and skill, can accurately and elegantly cut out the most designed letters.

Panelists play an important role in shifting the rank and file of Iran in the panel industry because paneling is a fast-growing industry and we at LightTab Safe Paneling strive to employ skilled panelists with state-of-the-art technical knowledge. By providing our customers with the best service with the best materials of the day and advanced devices in the world, we can play an influential role in this country's industry.

The signboard industry internationally with Chelium material is in a very good position and has a lot of fans all over the world and so it has progressed very fast and fortunately this industry has also made a lot of progress in Iran and it will surely come to the surface soon. The international will compete and have a style similar to Western and Northern Europe.

The world's most industrialized countries and Iran's position in the world:
The United States is at the forefront of the world of industry and has taken over the world economy, ranking second in the industry with eight hundred billion dollars and also ranking first in the world, followed by Japan, China, Germany, Britain, Italy and France ranks first in terms of industry, but Iran has no place among these countries.

Iran's place in the world:
Ranked fourth in the field of Iranian painting. One of the most popular and widely used advertising boards installed as a shop or store signboard is the Chelenium Board, which, with the advances in the field of carpentry, is a simple Chelenium board in accordance with various methods and styles such as stellar board. , Diamond chelium boards, crystalline chelium boards, Lettermax chelium boards.

Now here's a question: what role do billboards play in urban space?

The panels cover an important part of the urban space so that if they are installed irregularly at indefinite intervals they can disturb the urban environment and undermine the beauty of the cities, but if properly installed according to the standard rules. Not only do they not distort the image of cities, but they also make it beautiful. One of the most widely used billboards we see in all parts of the city is shop signs and billboards that play a huge role in attracting customers and brand recognition.

The most important features that make a billboard unique are its highlights, such as highlighting, lighting and applying special optical effects, the color combination appropriate to the type of billboard, and the positioning of the panel and frame setting. Overall and appropriate for the billboard.
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Signage in Iran and the world

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To be honest when the whole competition started I hoped that Germany would win. The final where Italy beat France with a penalty shootout. I think Italy deserved to win
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